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Creative mastermind Mia Mane (Sabrina)


The creative heart of Memoria Obscura Couture and all-round talent Sabrina, child head, good mood mouse and better known under her stage name Mia Mane.
42 years old, Germany located, self - taught designer & photographer, Mom of three cats and a huge Supernatural fan! :-)


Sabrina stood as a model (both as a hobbyist and full-time self-employed) in front of the photographers' cameras from 2007 to 2018.​
Her refreshing nature, her authenticity, diligence and simplicity let her get started practically overnight.
In her years in front of the cameras, she looks back on countless references, magazine publications and trade fair work.
That Mia is not only good as a mute model in front of the camera, she proved both as a GoGo dancer at the Custom Bike Fair 2009 for Harley Davidson Bielefeld, but also in several agency assignments in the Rizz, Rheine.
She first found her introduction to moving images in smaller works by various fetish producers before she signed a contract with Amazon Warriors as a permanent and co-producing member in 2012.
In order to make her work in front of the cameras even better, she attended theater workshops in 2013 under the direction of the theater pedagogue Roland Busch (Regie Alarm für Cobra 11).
In 2014, she rounded off all of this with an apprenticeship as a make-up artist with Nick Lawrence.
Her creative imagination was already evident during her time at Amazon Warriors.
From her own sceenplays and series to the first sketches of clothing, accessories, headdresses and ideas about warrior tribes, she also found her way behind the camera there.
So Mia not only stood as a model for various advertising work and music videos in front of the cameras, but also very quickly behind them.
Among other things, she produced and edited the music video for the German dark metal band "Nachtblut - Kalt wie Grab" and started her own smaller video productions for which she already shot photos for her website etc.
Her vita and her colleagues speak for themselves to this day.
Her sedcard is still in the model index and her vita is online till today.
Those interested can find them here: Mia Mane ·
Over the years she began to “pimp” her own clothes and decorate them with pearls and rivets.
The first sewing works and work with fabric flowers for mini hats, headpieces etc followed.
She also continuously designed specially made patterns for her own clothing and photoshooting costumes.

A low blow followed in 2014 and Mia suffered a cerebral haemorrhage from a violent attack of mitgren, from which she recovered only slowly.
The consequence was the withdrawal from the operations in front of the cameras, because she doesn't wanted to travel and stay away from home anymore
. She also had to give up her independence and concentrated on her recovery during this difficult phase.
And the creative expression of her passions as a photographer.
She still says today that photography helped her on her recovery path. Moving the body, not withdrawing socially and being able to continue to be creative helped her through this difficult time marked by fear and depression.

Mia has been an absolute horror fan since she was a child.
Concerned teachers and classmates paved her way to school.
At the age of 12 she found her passion for baroque, art nouveau and a whole lot of tulle through the film “Interview with a Vampire”.
Until her teenage years, Mia rarely felt “belonging” among her peers, always seemed distant and only cultivated a small handful of friendships.
When she was 15 she found out that it was because she likes heavy metal instead of mainstream music. Since she was 16, she has been a fan of the Black and Heavy Metal scene and everything baroque, dark, vampiric and generally something “bloody” (purely in the figurative sense).
Obscure, occult, black magical and satanic attract her as well as Christian paintings, churches and all forms of warriors.
As twofold as her own passions beat in her breast, this is also reflected in her designs today; which is why it cannot be specified or even described as inauthentic.
Mia does not correspond to the typical stuck image of a designer and never will.
In order to breathe more life into her photographs, from lack of financial resources due to her illness and the will to design her pictures as she would like without compromise, it followed that she sat more and more often at the crafting table and designed her own creations of headdresses, masks and eye patches.
Over the years, they found widespread enthusiasm among colleagues and photo models, which is why she offered a rental on Wishrent and Facebook.
When the inquiries for purchases increased, but it was difficult for her to "part with her babies", she decided after long deliberation to set up her own shop on Etsy and to offer her work to the masses.
The firm conviction never suffices, let alone any will to become a “big number” in the designer scene, but she simply dared to take this step.
In 2017, her label “The Dark Pleasure Design” was born. And she found out that she was wrong.
In addition to a wave of haters and public verbal attacks, her hobby quickly financed itself through customers.
Her goal was more than achieved.
And the rest is almost history.

In 2019, her label was booming so much that she hardly came up against it herself.
Continue to pursue photography as a passion and breadless art or continue on the other side?
Hire temporary workers or permanent employees?
These were the questions Mia was dealing with when she noticed that her middle finger on her right hand was numb.
Unspeakable headaches and backaches have been part of her life since her stroke, but they got worse after each photo shoot.
When her right leg finally went numb and hurt, she finally got an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.
The findings made sure that she had to stop her work immediately.
She not only had two severe herniated discs in her cervical spine.
One of the intervertebral discs ruptured inward towards the neck, pressing directly into the spinal cord on the main nerve trunk of the head.
Dark Pleasure Design died.

And Memoria Obscura Couture was born.
Thanks and with the help of her long-time friend Hanspeter, who offered her to take over her legacy in full.
So this fine label found its headquarters in Switzerland (Hanspeter is Swiss) and temporary workers and employees who have been leading, promoting, supporting and mastering this in all areas since then.
Mia found time for her recovery and is still happy to be able to look at a masterpiece to this day, which she can again creatively control as a hobby as her health, her condition and her mood allow.
Not only did she develop the world's first Medusa halos, Medusa masks with metal decorations, Medusa metal finger claws and Medusa collars in their form that still exists today and make them salon-friendly, but also coined the design and concept of a "mouth patch", as well as the (previously known ) designed and published world's first cathedral stained glass blind masks.

It remains to be seen what Mia conjures up next out of her hat. Because with one thing you can be sure of her: you just never know what's next.


Mia - Sabrina in one of her specially designed and sewn dresses and mini hat during a modeling job for Idur-Photographie.

Sabrina & Hanspeter

Sabrina and her best friend and owner of MemoriaObscuraCouture Hanspeter.

Selfmade artist

Selfie shot with handmade headpiece and own make up work.

Well...just her during a model job.

Kidding mode

Selfmade make up job


Screenshot 2023-02-15 235130.png

Etsy seller interview with our dear designer Sabrina for Alura

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